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Tony (Guest)
on 2006-04-12 14:12
Hi there Rails buddies !

After some weeks working with Rails and having it running on different
platforms, I definitively find the documentation not enough precise. But
those are my thoughts and I hope somebody can point my out to the good
way to find something.

For example, I currently look for information about session managment,
and find the code :
ActionController::CgiRequest::DEFAULT_SESSION_OPTIONS.update (:prefix =>

Wow ! What's this ? I take the rails doc and could not find CgiRequest,
neither DEFAULT_xxx. Following it's in the ActionController, I find this
module is in the actionpack (by search it manually in the files of the
Rails doc). Then I have open the first file name cgi-something in the
actionpack directory and find the CgiRequest class.

Is there a better way to find documentation ? Can I use RDoc with some
switch to produce a more in-deep documentation than the one provided
from base ? How do you deal with when you have to find something like my
example ?

Thanks and best regards.
Tony (Guest)
on 2006-04-13 15:11
For newbies like me that don't know this quiet good tools, here is a
topic about RAnnotated, which could help solve the documentation's gap
in rails:
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