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Dave T. (Guest)
on 2006-04-12 10:58
(Received via mailing list)

The fifth beta of Rails Recipes, Chad F.'s book on writing
real-world Rails, is now available.

The book now has its full quota for 70 recipes. Here's the
complete list.

Part I--User Interface Recipes
    In-Place Form Editing
    Making Your Own JavaScript Helper
    Live Preview
    Live Search
    Creating a Drag-and-Drop Sortable List (extract)
    Update Multiple Page Elements With One Ajax Request
    Lightning-Fast JavaScript Auto-completion
    Cheap and Easy Theme Support
    Use Ajax To Trim Fat, Static Pages
    Smart Pluralization
    Debugging Ajax
    Creating a Custom Form Builder
    Make Pretty Graphs

Part II--Database Recipes
    Rails Without A Database (extract)
    Connecting to Multiple Databases
    Integrating with Legacy Databases
    DRY Up Your Database Configuration
    Self-referential Many-to-Many Relationships
    Tagging (extract)
    Versioning Your ActiveRecord Models
    Convert an Existing Application to Migrations
    Many to Many Relationships Where the Relationship Itself Has Data
    Polymorphic Associations - has_many :whatevers
    Adding Behavior to Your ActiveRecord Associations
    Dynamic Database Config
    Use ActiveRecord Outside of Rails
    Per form Calculations on Your Model Data
    DRY Up Your ActiveRecord Code With Scoping
    Make Dumb Data Smart with composed_of
    Safely Use Models in Migrations

Part III--Controller Recipes
    Role-Based Authorization
    Cleaning Up Controllers with Postback Actions
    Keep An Eye On Your Session Expiry
    Rendering Comma Separated Values From Your Actions
    Make your URLs Meaningful (and pretty)
    Stub Out Authentication
    Convert Your Sessions To ActiveRecord
    Write Code That Writes Code
    Manage a Static Site With Rails

Part IV--Testing Recipes
    Creating Dynamic Test Fixtures
    Extracting Test Fixtures From Live Data
    Testing Across Multiple Controllers
    Write Tests for Your Helpers
    Part VBig Picture Recipes
    Automating Development With Your Own Generators
    Continuous Integration
    Getting Notified of Unhandled Exceptions
    Creating Your Own Rake Tasks
    Dealing With Time-zones
    Living On The Edge (of Rails Development)
    Syndicate Your Site With RSS
    Making Your Own Rails Plugins
    Secret URLs
    Quickly Inspect Your Sessions!C Contents
    Sharing Models Between Your Applications
    Generate Documentation For Your Application
    Processing Uploaded Images
    Easily Group Lists of Things
    Keeping Track of Who Did What
    Distributing Your Application As One Directory Tree
    Adding Support for Localization
    The Console Is Your Friend
    Automatically Save a Draft of a Form
    Validating Non-ActiveRecord Objects
    Easy HTML Whitelists
    Adding Simple Web Services To Your Actions

Part VI--E-Mail Recipes
    Send Gracefully Degrading Rich-Content Emails
    Testing Incoming Email
    Sending Email With Attachments
    Handling Bounced Email


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