Forum: Ruby on Rails url_for - results inconsistency ??

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l00pek (Guest)
on 2006-04-11 13:46
Hi all,

I recently noticed something really weird in url_for results
let's say that we have something like this somewhere in code
URL1:<%=url_for( {:action=>'foobar'}.merge({'action'=>'ohmy'}) )%>
URL2:<%=url_for( {'action'=>'ohmy'}.merge({:action=>'foobar'}) )%>

and then please consider following two cases...

case 1. webrick, ruby 1.8.4, rails 1.0

case 2: lighttpd-1.4.11, ruby 1.8.4, rails 1.0

What is the cause of such behavior, and is there any way to avoid this
kind of inconsistency ?
Can this be treated as a bug ?

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