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Ed G. (Guest)
on 2006-04-08 20:03
Instant Rails is at 1.2 and I have installed Typo SVN Revsion 1000.

The sidebar changes stall with the spinner running even after the
*publish* button is clicked.  The changes, themselves, do appear in the
actual blog.

When the *Sort Alphabetically* is clicked under categories an error
occurrred.  I changed the code as follows:

<typo:code lang="ruby">
 def asort
    #render_component :action => "category_container" - Removed and
added two lines below - Ed Gard
	@categories = Category.find(:all, :order => :position)
    render :partial => "categories"

Other that that, Typo appears to run on IR 1.2 WITHOUT the need for
vendor/rails (frozen rails).

I like to see in the SCGI console which app is running, so I added the
following change which is just cosmetic.

To display the environment and the port in the SCGI console window, I
made the following changes:

<typo:code lang="ruby">
# Added Port for display -- Ed Gard
def configure_rails(environment, port)
    ENV["RAILS_ENV"] = environment
		# Added to display environment and port -- Ed Gard
    STDERR.puts("Environment: #{environment}; Port: #{port}")
    require "config/environment"
    ActiveRecord::Base.threaded_connections = false
    require 'dispatcher'

class RailsController < SCGI::Controller
    def initialize(config_file)
        @config_file = config_file
				# Added the port for display -- Ed Gard
        configure_rails(config[:env], config[:port])

Checkout the Typo head at *svn checkout svn://

So, for you Typo fans, Instant Rails 1.2 and typo are a go!

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