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Daniel S. (Guest)
on 2006-04-07 10:41
(Received via mailing list)
I just recently went through the fun of getting ruby 1.8.4 to compile on
AIX 5.3, and your error was one of the ones that I struck.

I've written up my experience at

In summary, to get ruby to compile, I needed to run:

  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ruby184 --disable-ipv6 \
   --with-openssl-include=/opt/freeware/include \
   --with-openssl-lib=/opt/freeware/lib \
   --with-zlib-include=/opt/freeware/include \
   --with-zlib-lib=/opt/freeware/lib \
  find . -name Makefile -exec perl -pi -e 's/ -brtl *$//' {} \;
  gmake ruby.imp

Hopefully, something similar will get it to run on AIX 4.3.3.

>  I am getting getting errors and compilation faile when I do "make"
>  on AIX 4.3.3 while compiling Ruby 1.8.4
>  Did anybody got this error and what needs to be done for
> this problem.
> miniruby -g

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