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Lawrence White (Guest)
on 2006-04-07 06:29
(Received via mailing list)
Bootstrap startup - innovative Web 2.0 project management software.
Prototype in development. Significant equity.

This not a big, venture-backed thing; it's a work at home, bust your
ass, do work you like, make good money (eventually) ? and take down
decent money when we sell (hopefully) thing.

MS Project is a $1 billion/year product that frustrates most of its
users. I believe we can attract enough customers for a fun, successful
business with a product that better meets the needs of a large subset of
those uesrs.

I have ten years experience managing commercial software development and
significant startup experience. I know project management and project
management software.

I'm looking for strong programmers and hard workers. If you love Ruby on
Rails that's a major plus. Other valued skills/knowledge include
Subversion, Unix/Linux, Operations/site-management, AJAX, HTML,
Javascript, RDBMS (Postgres preferred).

If you work hard and like what you read, please email me:
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