Forum: Ruby on Rails Does observe_field work with date_select?

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Se W. (Guest)
on 2006-04-04 22:24
I can't get observe_field to do anything with my date_select. Here's the
rhtml code:

<%= date_select 'course', 'lab_start_date'  %>

<%= observe_field(:course_lab_start_date, :frequency => 0.5,
                  :update => :course_lab_start_date_div, :url => {
:action => 'preview_text'}) %>

My 'preview_text' action is never called. Looking at the html generated,
date_select generates three seperate select fields, and none of them
have id's. observe_field of course watches for the id...

Any ideas? Any ideas that don't involve having three seperate selects,
each with their own observe_field? I really want to treat this as a
single date object.
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