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John S. (Guest)
on 2006-03-31 21:57
OBJECTIVITY CRUTCH: Replace every occurance of "Rails 1.1" with "Zope
3.2" in this post before reading it.

Personally, I enjoy having lots of cool new features in each release.
But others (like my company) value improved reliability over new
features and ask a bunch of questions during software evaluations.


 * Are there plans for bugfix-only releases of [Rails 1.1]?  Or will
every future release contain substantial new features?

 * If we choose [Rails 1.1], will our employees or consultants need to
manually apply individual patches to get any new bugfixes?

 * Or will we be able to get officially tested minor releases that can
be deployed with much less risk than major new releases?

 * What is the rails release process?  Which OS/Ruby/RDBMS combinations
are tested with the final release code?  Are all tests required to pass?

These are fundamental questions that come up when evaluating software so
maybe we should post the answer in the FAQ or have a detailed page
describing the rails release process in sufficient detail.
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