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Dean M. (Guest)
on 2006-03-28 22:54
(Received via mailing list)
> I have just started playing with ROR and I think its very
> good. My only problem is that I am new to web development and
> know much abount html. I was wondering if there is any
> tool/plugin I could use to design rhtml pages.

As others have mentioned, it's probably not in your best interest, in
the long-term, to use GUI-tools to design your pages.  I would only add
that in a pinch, Dreamweaver MX actually ships with some page design
templates that could help you get started.

Yes, these templates in DW use semantically-correct mark-up and CSS for
presentation.  And actually... for a WYSIWYG editor -- and not that I
use this way -- but DW spits out some pretty clean mark-up.  Macromedia
actually hired Eric Meyer, web standards evangelist and CSS-guru, to
help them clean-up the HTML code generation in DW back in 2003.

Of course, whether this is all worth US$400, is up to the individual...
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