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rhubarb (Guest)
on 2006-03-28 17:55
I'm working on a simple photo gallery app for personal use and I want to
generalize the sidebar such that in any page (controller or view, I'm
not sure which) I can dynamically add either
1. links to a given sidebar
2. or an entire sidebar.

I know that typo does this, and I've looked the code. I think it's too
complex a solution for my simple site. I'd like to avoid using
components, and make do with a bit of code in the layout and maybe a
partial and a helper or something.

Here's the code that's in my sidebar now.

<div id="sidebar">
<div id="controls" class="sidebar-node">
        <li><%= link_to "Refresh Pictures", { :action =>
'scan_directory'}, :confirm => "Are you sure?"%>
        <li><%= link_to "All Pictures", { :action => 'list' } %>
</div><!-- #sidebar -->

Now lets say I want to take out those 2 links and specifying them from,
say, my list.rhtml page. How would I go about it?

I was thinking of creating a literal array of links, then using a
partial that loops over the array with an <li> for each one.
Does that sound easiest?

Whats the best way to put the link info in an array? Could I make an
array of the html result of the link_to calls themselves?
Or maybe an array of literal hashes of the arguments to link_to?
Or do I need to make my own structure?

How do other apps, outside of typo, deal with dynamic sidebars? Or
toolbars for that matter - it's more a toolbar than a sidebar really.
Kevin O. (Guest)
on 2006-03-28 20:00
(Received via mailing list)
Components really aren't all that hard, but...

You could put a instance variable in the correct spot like...

<div id="sidebar"> <%= @sidebar %> </div>

And then have each controller set the varible @sidebar in a

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