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Orya (Guest)
on 2006-03-28 04:46
(Received via mailing list)
I too have been unable to get :subdomain to work on the latest Rails
trunk. Rails appears to be blissfully unaware of it.

Anyone had any success with this?


Ross Karchner <rosskarchner@...> writes:
 > Has anyone seen  :requirements=>{:subdomain=>whatever} in the
wild? Is
 > it documented anywhere other than that wiki page?
 > On 2006-03-23 16:48:31 -0500, Ben Blakley
 > <ben@...> said:
 > > I just noticed what looks like an error in the code on the Wiki. I
 > > think it should be:
 > >
 > > map.with_options :requirements=>{:subdomain=>''} do |m|
 > >     m.connect '', :controller => "first/catalog"
 > >     m.connect 'featured', :controller => "first/
catalog", :action=>'featured'
 > >     m.connect 'catalog/:action/:id', :controller => "first/catalog"
 > > end
 > >
 > > Although this still doesn't seem to help with the :subdomain
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