Forum: Ruby on Rails RMagick + Cygwin = IRB Crash !!

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De R. (Guest)
on 2006-03-27 08:26

  I am reinstalling rmagick on my pc and I am running into this issue:
  in irb > require 'RMagick'. Boom irb crashes no messages, no stack.

  I have installed GraphicMagick 1.1.7 and can run it from the command
  ie > inspect.exe xx.gif

  I have installed rmagick.1.10.1 and it shows up in my gemlist and the
  looks successfull. Running the rmagic test I get the following error:
  > ruby -v -x inspect.rb xx.gif

  ruby: no Ruby script found in input (LoadError)

  I am running cygwin ruby 1.8.3

  Any clues ?

Thank you all !!
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