Forum: Ruby on Rails Trigger in place edit by clicking on label also?

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Stephen A. (Guest)
on 2006-03-27 03:14
I've got a page that's very slick that uses lots of in place edit fields
like this:

    <span class="label">AIM</span>
    <span id="aim"><%= in_place_editor_field :member, :aim_address
%></span>        </td></tr>

My client loves this feature, but each field is <i>un-editable</i> if
that field's value is blank.  There is nothing for the user to click on
to trigger the edit.

A possible solution would be to allow the user to also click on the
field label to  trigger the edit.  Can someone provide an example, or
suggestion on how to do this?

Are there other approaches that would work better?

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