Forum: Ruby on Rails Wierd hash being returned from a .find_all call (usingmySQL)

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Donald D. (Guest)
on 2006-03-22 20:03
I was following a basic todo list tutorial, and when I call a:

  @items = Listing.find_all
  render_text @items.inspect

The following is displayed in my browser, and clues?...

[#"Don", "category"=>"Human", "id"=>"1", "hidden"=>"0"}>, #"Cheese",
"category"=>"Food", "id"=>"2", "hidden"=>"1"}>, #"Hat",
"category"=>"Head", "id"=>"3", "hidden"=>"0"}>]

I'm getting funky symbols in the hash thats being returned... I searched
everywhere for a similar problem and I can't find anything.
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