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Bill Kiselewsky (Guest)
on 2006-03-22 17:55

New to Ruby and using the FreeRIDE IDE. I tried to run the following
simple program but can't figure out how to enter data when the run stops
at the second line of code. what's the secret?

puts 'Hello there, and what\'s your name?'
name = gets.chomp
puts 'Your name is ' + name + '?  What a lovely name!'
puts 'Pleased to meet you, ' + name + '. :)'

Bill Kiselewsky
Bill Kiselewsky (Guest)
on 2006-03-22 22:08
Forgot to mention the platform being Windows XP.

Well, after hours of messing around I found that outside of FreeRIDE I
could execute interactively by double clicking the *.rb file in
explorer. This opened a c:\ruby\bin\ruby.ex window which allowed me to
execute an interactive Ruby program.

puts "Please enter your first name ..."
fname = gets.chomp
puts "Please enter your middle name ..."
mname = gets.chomp
puts "Please enter your last name ..."
lname = gets.chomp
chars = fname.length + mname.length + lname.length
puts fname + ' ' + mname + ' ' + lname + ' there are ' + chars.to_s + '
characters in your full name!'

Please enter your first name ...
Please enter your middle name ...
Please enter your last name ...
William Anthony Kiselewsky there are 24 characters in your full name!

Take care,
Bill K.
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