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Tookelso T. (Guest)
on 2006-03-21 06:06

I have a time-entry system which I'm creating, and would like to know
the best way to code a form where users can modify *and* create new

The screen will show time entries for the day.  The user can modify
existing entries, as well as enter new ones.

Here's a sample screen:

Hours:     Description:
4          Project 1
2          Project 2
X          --------
X          --------

The user can change the existing records, as well as enter new ones.
There should always be four or five blank records like the ones marked
"X" above.

I just want one "Submit" button on the form.

I suspect there are two ways of accomplishing this:
1) When the user presses "Submit", just zap all records from a given
day, and re-create the newly submitted time entries.

2) Update the records that already exist, and create the records that do
not yet have IDs.

Does anyone have a bird's eye solution to this?  For example, do I use
my controller's "Create" or "Save" method to do this?


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