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Escher Bach (Guest)
on 2006-03-21 01:51
A huge thanks to all the rails developers that worked so hard to improve
rails after the 1.0 release!  Only 8 tickets remain in the FD report.

Next Final Drive (what will be fixed before Rails 1.1)

#4234	AR serialization broken with PostgreSQL/Ruby 1.8.2
ActiveRecord	David	03/14/06

#4155	type_name_with_module fails, throws Uninitialized Constant
ActiveRecord	removed_email_address@domain.invalid	03/09/06

#4090	Redirect to index from an action with an id makes /index explicit
ActiveRecord	removed_email_address@domain.invalid	03/05/06

#3909	ACID migrations for databases which support it.
ActiveRecord	nzkoz	02/21/06

#3517	[PATCH] allowing url_for to work with just created controller -
great for actionmailer tests
ActionPack	removed_email_address@domain.invalid	01/17/06

#3501	"sprint" used as a possible enum value causes problems associated
ActiveRecord	removed_email_address@domain.invalid	01/16/06

#3101	rake db_schema_import broken
ActiveRecord	removed_email_address@domain.invalid	12/04/05

#2993	rc5 crashing FF1.5rc3	removed_email_address@domain.invalid	11/23/05

Final Drive Candidates (what MIGHT be added to Next Final Drive. 1

Potential 1.1 Blockers (unofficial list. 169 tickets. please help verify
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