Forum: Ruby on Rails sortable_element behavior change from 0.13

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Jim J. (Guest)
on 2006-03-20 23:58
Originally when I implemented my app, I had a series of sortable
elements that could be dragged around to be reordered.  To drag around,
I would click and hold down the mouse button and move the element to the
desired position.

After updating the dragdrop.js library, now I just click on the element
(which selects it) move my mouse pointer to the desired position
(without having to hold the mouse button) and then click the mouse
button again to place the element in that position.

The problem with the update is that I have a bunch of links within this
dragable section, so when I go to click a link, the dragdrop library
thinks that I want to reorder the element so it selects it for

I want to return the drag logic to the old "click-and-hold" logic of the
previous version, but I can't find the appropriate options to do this.
Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.
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