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bin.liu (Guest)
on 2006-03-20 09:46
rails version 1.0

the same code
  render :file=>�/spec/comment_list�
work will in a .rhtml file
while i put it in controller ,it will produce nothing to client browser.
it must use  options[:use_full_path] to work fine in controller code.

after read some rails source code ,i think the reason is below:
file action_controller/base.rb line 602
   if file = options[:file]
      render_file(file, options[:status], options[:use_full_path],
options[:locals] || {})

while action_view/base.rb has these code at line 223
        options[:use_full_path] = options[:use_full_path].nil? ? true :

is this a bug ? or designed to it?
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