Forum: Ruby on Rails implicit template naming for multipart/alternative emails

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Andrew K. (Guest)
on 2006-03-18 04:15

I've been using edge rails for a while now and used the recipe from the
new recipes book on using implicit file names for multipart/alternative

This seems to have recently broke.

I've named by templates according to the book and the docs...

# for example, if the following templates existed:
#   * signup_notification.text.plain.rhtml
#   * signup_notification.text.html.rhtml
#   * signup_notification.text.xml.rxml
#   * signup_notification.text.x-yaml.rhtml

I've gone through the code and found that the rhtml part of the file is
not appended to the template name due to existing .'s in the filename.
When the code gets to in ActionView the code fails as the file
(ex. signup_notification.text.plain) does not exist (missing the
template extension).

Anybody having similar problems?

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