Forum: Ruby on Rails How to let the layout be more OO?

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pinnacle (Guest)
on 2006-03-17 06:58
I am confused about the @content_for_layout.'cause it will display all
the views in the layout.Do I have any methods to let the layout be more
OO? I mean that for example,the app currently have more than one views
to be displayed,but only some of them to be displayed at the same time
at different <div></div> units. I hope there exists a kind of way that:
 <%= if condition1 %>
 <div id='condition1'>
    <%= @content_for_view1 %>
 <%= if condition2 %>
 <div id='condition2'>
    <%= @content_for_view2 %>

How to reach such an aim in rails? I am a newbie. very grateful!
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