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Marcus V. (Guest)
on 2006-03-16 21:15
I'm wrapping up a paper on using Rails in the enterprise for the Fortune
500 company I work for. I've done quite a bit of research and I think I
can present a pretty compelling argument, however I'm still looking for
examples. If you have personal examples or links to web resources I
haven't found, I'd apprecate it. Once the paper is complete it will be
available to the public. Speficially I need

1. Examples of enterprise level apps and what hardware and software they
are running on with aprox. the number of requests per day. I have
Basecamp, RapidReporting, Robot Co-op and covered to some

2. Code comparisons between Rails and .NET, Java, Perl or ColdFusion.
Preferrably examples of apps that were directly ported to Rails with
information like lines of code, development time and/or cost of both
development and deployment. Smaller examples of interesting solutions to
problems in Ruby on Rails vs. other languages would be great as well.

If you have other information you have used to help convince your
company to use Rails, I'd appreciate it--even if it's just a link.

Thanks--feel free to email me directly  "m @ vorwaller .net" as well.
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