Forum: Ruby on Rails Patched 1.0.0--Better than Rails-1.0.0 or latest revisions?

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Conductor (Guest)
on 2006-03-16 18:43
Rails users,  what are your current best practices for dealing with
post-1.0.0 rails bugfixes on your rails apps?

 * Are you using the latest rails revision?

 * Are you using some nameless revision you froze some time ago?

 * Are you downloading and applying specific patches to rails-1.0.0?

Rails core, what are your thoughts about periodically applying a few
backwards-compatible patches to the last official release and tagging

I think many rails users would love to see releases like 1.0.1...1.0.2
between the major releases containing new features & new
bugs--especially if they are using rails on ecommerce sites.
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