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Farhan (Guest)
on 2006-03-13 12:24
(Received via mailing list)
So some of you here may have been wondering just what the heck I have
been working on and asking all of these questions, some really basic
quesitons, other very advanced.

  Well, I'm writing this post to tell you what I have been working on.

  I am an experienced PHP developer who with this project has totally
converted to Rails.

  Despite my years of experience with PHP, I have decided that I may
never go back to it (unless, a gun is put to my head or there is no
other choice).

  About one and a half month ago when I was almost ready to start
working  on my project (using PHP) I discovered Ruby on Rails. The very
same day  I decided to develop my new project in Ruby on Rails.

  Today, just around 45 days later, my most ambitious project to date is
ready for public testing. This project is not just a project, it
combines many of my dream projects in to one. There are a few things my
crew is still working on, such as finalizing Lucene based search,   but
I wanted to give everyone here a sneak peak. Among the few issues  still
unresolved are intermittent "Application failed to start errors"  (Just
refresh the page if you experience this. Can anyone help me out  as to
why this may be happening?).

  You guys have really helped me out and I have never found another list
like this one.

  So without futher ado, I present you with (in

  To summarize, here is what Adoppt is about.

  Members can:

  - create an account
  - can join communities or create their own communities with all the
features below.
  - claim their blog hosted on external blogging service (,
xanga, livejournal, myspace etc)
  - can ping their blogs, blog posts upon which the bot will index their
blog post and automatically extract tags, URLs and the relation between
that and other pages.
  - create a blog on Adoppt (in addition to others they might have)
  - can comment on blog posts
  - can have threaded discussions about any URLs/ Topics they like
  - can post their favorites to their communities
  - can make friends within the network
  - can view traffic stats of any URL listed
  - view hourly, weekly and all time blogosphere report, top tags, top
favorite tags, top blog tags, top blog post tags and top
question/answers tags
  - more features such as events management, classifieds, internal
messaging are in development.

  For instance, there are some communities that I have created that may
be of interest to the folks here:

  Members who create communities become the community owners/leaders.

  Here are a few screenshots and a little bit of extra information:

  Adoppt Blog is available at and has guides and
other related Adoppt updates and materials.

  A bug tracker is available at

  Obiously, I must thank a few people. I have posted a "thank you" list
which can be viewed  at

  The thank you page also lists ways to get your name listed there.

  Please take a few moments to give me your feedback. Please be gentle
as this is my first Ruby on Rails project.

  I will be more than happy to answer any questions about how I
developed Adoppt.

  Throughout the development, I have just loved working with Rails.

  Many thanks to David and all those who have created Rails for us.

  I love web development and now that major development is done here, I
am available for other projects.


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MySQL Blog:
Linux / Security Blog:
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