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ngoc (Guest)
on 2006-03-06 17:47
I am new to RoR. I watched video presentation of 15 minutes to create a
blog. What I understand is RoR brings/maps the database table to web
form (using
script\generate model Post and later script\generate controller Blog).
In the case ,I have 2 and 3 tables into 1 form. Does RoR support that?
For example: I store products and providers in two tables. These two
tables link together by "product_id" and "provider_id".But "product_id"
and "provider_id" are hard to read. I want one form that take
"product_name" and "product_description" from "product" table ;
"provider_name, adresse, etc.." from "provider" table. So I can
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