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Federico F. (Guest)
on 2006-03-04 00:58
Hi everybody,
I just released by first Rails plugin! :)
Even if it's very simple, I hope that somebody will find it useful!

You can install it with the 'plugin' script:

$ script/plugin install

Anybody knows how to add my public svn repository to the plugin
repositories list?

enjoy! :)


 This module adds the networking behaviour to an ActiveRecord model.
 The networking logic will use a support table to create n:m
 between objects.


 class User < ActiveRecord::Base
   acts_as_network :join_table => friends,
      :source_key => :id_user,
      :destination_key => :id_friend

 first = users(:first)
 second = users(:second)

## Add a new connection

 first.connections << second

## Associate a role to a connection if you
## have the 'role' column in the join table

 first.connections.push_with_attributes(second, :role => 2)
 role = first.connections.find(

## check for inclusion



   Federico F.

Released under the same license as Ruby. No Support. No Warranty.
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