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Daniel M. (Guest)
on 2006-03-03 22:24
(Received via mailing list)

I'm trying to get some basic stuff working from the "Agile Web Dev with
book - chapter 6 "Create the Maintenance App". (On linux, mysql 4.1,

I have the depot_development db created, and teh "products" table

The user name and pw are correct in database.yml

But I get this:
daniel@roomatthetop:~/work/demo$ ruby script/generate scaffold Product
      exists  app/controllers/
      exists  app/helpers/
      exists  app/views/admin
      exists  test/functional/
  dependency  model
      exists    app/models/
      exists    test/unit/
      exists    test/fixtures/
   identical    app/models/product.rb
   identical    test/unit/product_test.rb
   identical    test/fixtures/products.yml
       error  Before updating scaffolding from new DB schema, try
creating a
table for your model (Product)

Has to be something simple (I've already made this work on win box
previously, only did it on my linux because I got an identical error
trying to throw ror at a more complex schema I want to play with).

I didn't see any clues in the errata for the book. Any ideas on what
be the problem, or how to debug?



Daniel McBrearty
email : danielmcbrearty at : the multi - language vocab trainer
BTW : 0873928131
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