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Lurlay, Patrick (Guest)
on 2006-03-02 23:08
(Received via mailing list)
   the instruction below should do the trick for you.

This insturction assumes that you are using mysql 5.x
1. login to mysql as admin user
2. use myslq;
3. create database depot_test;
4. ---create new user for your db

insert into user(Host,User,Password, insert_priv, update_priv,
create_priv, select_priv, delete_priv, drop_priv, ssl_cipher,
x509_issuer, x509_subject)
values("localhost","jdoe",Password('jdoe'), "Y", "Y", "Y", "Y", "Y",
"Y", "Y" ,"Y", "Y");
5. flush privileges;
6. grant select,create,update,drop,delete,insert on depot_test.* to
jdoe@localhost identified by 'jdoe';
7. use depot_test;
8.  go ahead and create your tables-----)

9 configure your database.yml to look like below:

  adapter: mysql
  database: depot_test
 #socket: /path/to/your/mysql.sock


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