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List R. (Guest)
on 2006-02-21 11:05
(Received via mailing list)
Hi.  I'd appreciate comments/criticisms on the following approach &

For some variables, we need to be able to choose from enumerations.
For instance, we track different choices on a webform - each has an
integer code, as well as some other properties.  I want to implement a
class which these are made out of.

How's this?:

class TimeSlot

	# Only use predefined
	private_class_method :new

	# The text description
	attr_reader :text

	# The integer code
	attr_reader :code

          # The legacy_id (key in a legacy database)
	attr_reader :legacy_id

	def initialize(text, code, legacy_id)
		@text = text
		@code = code
		@legacy_id = legacy_id

	MORNING = new('morning', 2, 1001)
	AFTERNOON = new('morning', 3, 1002)
	EVENING = new('evening', 4, 1003)
	NIGHT = new('night', 5, 1004')

          # This next line is unDRY, but I'm not sure how to eliminate
           # Perhaps instead of just listing the constansts, use a
register_value method which both defines the constant
          # and adds it to the @@values - but I'm not sure how to
implement this

	def self.from_code(c)
		@@members.find { |t| t.code == c } || raise ArgumentError, "No
TimeSlot has code #{c}"


Also - we have several of these - how would I extract a common
Enumeration mixin?  I'd like to be able to include Enumeration, much as
you include Singleton, to turn a class into an enumeration type along
these lines.
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