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Sean M. (Guest)
on 2006-02-21 06:05
Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to announce my first Rails-powered project:
Bibliofile, a web app for tracking one's reading. From the propaganda:

Bibliofile is a tool for keeping track of books: those you've read,
those you'd like to read, and those you're reading. You can use it to:
* Put a "What I'm Reading" list on your web page or blog. (All the cool
kids are doing it!)
* Compile statistics on what and how much you're reading. (What was the
book you rated lowest last year? Something by William Shatner would be
our guess.)
( Consult your "books to read" list when you're at the library or book
store. (Assuming they have wireless Internet or you're willing to drag a
really long network cable behind you.)
* Share your reading wishlist with your well-heeled friends and

It's at and is hosted with Textdrive (who
generally get a solid thumbs up from me on their hosting services).

Since this is my first Rails app and a project that's close to my heart
as a book lover, feedback is especially welcome.


P.S. The source code isn't available for this project at the moment,
partially because I'd like to have a stab at having the project pay for
itself, and partially because it's my first Ruby effort and I know bits
of it are rather sloppy. :-P
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