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Jonathan V. (Guest)
on 2006-02-19 14:08

I've just finished a new release of my Selenium testing plugin with much
tighter integration to rails. The rake selenium step has been removed as
all tests are now live (just save your test file and refresh the

Install it with:

  script/plugin install

And check out the readme:

For those who don't know, this plugin allows you to write Selenium tests
like this:

  class PersonSeleniumTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
    fixtures :people

    def setup
      open :controller => 'person', :action => 'view', :id => 1

    def test_add_new_person
      click           'add_new_person_link'
      assert_visible  'add_new_person'
      type            'new_person_first_name', 'Pixel'
      type            'new_person_last_name', 'the Cat'
      select          'new_person_gender', 'Male'
      click_and_wait  'submit_add_new_person'
      assert_text     'person_name', 'Pixel the Cat'

100% Ruby and proud of it ;)

Comments/feedback/patches welcome.

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