Forum: Ruby on Rails Repost: tutorial and lighttpd .10 crashes

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Alan C Francis (Guest)
on 2006-02-12 10:21
(Received via mailing list)
I just got a new Debian Sarge server and followed the
"Debian Lighttpd Rails Stack" tutorial.

The only place I deviated was the version of Lighty.  The page uses
1.4.7 and I spotted that 1.4.10 was available.  I installed that and
couldn't get anywhere.  Lighty died on first access from the test
rails app, and even from a ultra basic static config.   No log, no
info, just dead.

I downloaded 1.4.7, installed it and everything is fine.   Great
tutorial, works as advertised, but I'm not sure why there are
problems with the later version of lighty... any ideas ?

I'll stick with 1.4.7 for the moment, since it works.  If this
segfault is a known bug, when was it introduced ?  Can I get a more
recent version (.8 or .9)?  Obviously I'd like to be running as up-to-
date a version as possible.

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