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Rich M. (Guest)
on 2006-02-12 05:09
(Received via mailing list)
Although it's getting late in the month for this announcement,
you haven't missed anything yet (that I know of :-).

2/21  6:00 pm    We got a venue!  (RSVPs requested, via Meetup)

                 The SF Ruby Meetup usually meets on the 2nd Tuesday
                 of each month.  However, that day turns out to be
                 Valentine's Day this year.  So we're moving it to
                 the week after - Feb 21, 2006.

      6:00 pm    Beginner's Presentation -
                 Barce will show off a Ruby time server.

      6:45 pm    Practitioner's Presentation -
                 Tim Burks will present on RubyCocoa
                 (http://rubycocoa.sourceforge. net), a bridge that
                 makes it easy to mix code written in Ruby and
                 Objective-C. ...

                 Barce's Office
                 209 Kearny St.
                 San Francisco, CA  94108


2/22  8:00 pm    The Beer & Scripting SIG will meet at Wild Pepper
                 (3601 26th St.; SF, CA).  For details and directions,
                 see http://cfcl/rdm/bass.  RSVPs requested.

Sorry about having these two events almost on top of each other; it
shouldn't happen too often...


P.S.  If you are planning a Ruby-related event in the SF Bay Area, be
      sure to let me know about it (early) so that I can list it!
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