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unknown (Guest)
on 2006-02-07 01:13
(Received via mailing list)
Dear lopex, dear all,

thank you for suggesting FXSplashWindow.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to use it so far --
these are my very first steps in FXRuby (not in Ruby, though).
The code below is combined from the "hello.rb" code from the FXRuby
and from the FXSplashWindow.rb file.
It only shows the Hello-world Window, but not the SplashScreen.
What am I missing ?

Thank you,


require "fox14"

include Fox

module Fox
# The Splash Window is a window typically  shown during startup
# of an application.  It comprises a large  icon, which is also
# used as the shape of the window if  +SPLASH_SHAPED+ is passed;
# with the +SPLASH_SIMPLE+ option the  window will be simply
# === Splash window  options
# +SPLASH_SIMPLE+::  Simple rectangular  splash window
# +SPLASH_SHAPED+::  Shaped splash  window
# +SPLASH_OWNS_ICON+:: Splash window will own the icon and  destroy it
# +SPLASH_DESTROY+::  Splash window will destroy  itself when timer
class FXSplashWindow <  FXTopWindow
# The splash window's icon  [FXIcon]
attr_accessor :icon

# The delay before hiding the splash window, in  milliseconds [Integer]
attr_accessor :delay

    # Construct splash window
def  initialize(app, ic, opts=SPLASH_SIMPLE, ms=5000) # :yields:

    # Construct splash window
def  initialize(ow, ic, opts=SPLASH_SIMPLE, ms=5000) # :yields:

application ="Hello", "FoxTest")
app =,'sc30.png',opts=SPLASH_SIMPLE,

main =, "Hello", nil, nil,  DECOR_ALL), "&Hello, World!", nil, application,  FXApp::ID_QUIT)
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