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Dean M. (Guest)
on 2006-02-01 23:05
(Received via mailing list)
> ...and I can't wait until some
> plucky hacker makes it possible for me to run OS X on any
> damn hardware I want.

That's perfectly fine and I hear this a lot and probably like you, I'm a
big fan of having choices, too.

But, you've got to understand that all the reasons that's being listed
in this thread about what people like about using the Mac is in no small
part, due to the very tight integration of Apple hardware and software.

Take Ruby on Rails, for example.  Rails is awesome because of Ruby --
Running MacOS X on a generic Dell beige box is like taking Rails and
trying to make it work with $other_programming_language.  It can work,
but somehow... the magic just doesn't translate as well.
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