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Rodrigo D. (Guest)
on 2006-01-29 06:44
Ok, these are the tables

create table statussir (
  idstatussir primary key int auto_numeric,
  description varchar(255)

create table statussir_next (
  idstatussir int not null,
  idstatussir_next not null,
  foreign key idstatussir references statussir(id_statussir),
 foreign key idstatussir_next references statussir(id_statussir)

so, the idea is that you have many states
idstatussir        description
1                  Not Started
2                  Assigned
3                  In Planning
4                  In Progress
5                  Finished
6                  Cancelled

And then statussir_next tells you how can you pass to the next states
Idstatussir       idstatussir_next
1                     2
1                     6
2                     3
2                     6
3                     4
3                     6
4                     5
4                     6

I donĂ¢??t know how to map that, I have

class StatusSIR < ActiveRecord::Base

  #Table name and primary key
  set_table_name "statussir"
  set_primary_key "idstatussir"

  # What do I put here to map that relation?????

Thank you
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