Forum: Ruby Please give me suggestion for directory layout

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Leo -. (Guest)
on 2006-01-25 23:22

I generate website from templates. I use rake to generate it. My
rakefile has following targets:


The directory layout is following:
webdesign/ - root folder
webdesign/conf - configuration files for generator
webdesign/html - pages
webdesign/images - images
webdesign/stylesheets - stylesheets
webdesign/templates - templates are here

webdesign/build - generated website go here

Everything is SVN controlled, except build/ folder.

I want to add a package target to my rakefile, but I am not sure where
to put packages. If I create a pkg/ folder inside my project, do I need
to keep all these packages in SVN too? What is the best practices for
packages, directory layout and version control?
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