Forum: Ruby on Rails :afterFinish not getting called?

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Jim J. (Guest)
on 2006-01-17 11:32
I am attempting to remove an element in the :afterFinish callback of the
"Squish" effect.  This is what my call looks like.

<%= link_to_remote ("X",
          :url => { :action => "deleteIt",
                    :id => wc_line.attributes['id'],
                    :exercise_id => wc_line.attributes['exercise_id'] },
                    :complete => visual_effect(:squish,
"item_#{wc_line.attributes['id'].to_s}", { :afterFinish =>
"function(effect) { Element.Destroy(effect.element);
#{options_for_javascript(sortable_options)}) }" }) )

After I click the above link the squish effect hides the element
properly, but when I reorder my list and go to update each element's
position, the element ID still exists within the list (showing that the
item was hidden, but that my Element.Destroy in my afterfinish callback
was never called).

Can anyone point out any flaws with the above call?


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