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unknown (Guest)
on 2006-01-17 03:37
(Received via mailing list)

== About irbsh
Irbsh is an extension of irb/inf-ruby.el.
You can easily execute shell commands and Ruby codes by using irbsh.

Eval list feature makes irbsh be an development environment of Ruby.

While irbsh has many features, you can use easily.

== How is irbsh better than inferior-ruby
* Irbsh interprets command-line beginning from ' ' as shell command.
  * You can use Ruby's #{...} expansion.
  * It displays what command is executing.
  * It displays return status.
* Like shell-mode irbsh follows current-directory.
* You can insert 'system' method by two strokes.
* You can change the context (shell-command/Ruby-statement) by one
* If (command-line =~ /;$/) then irbsh disables output.
* If (command-line =~ /\|$/) then irbsh redirects output to another
* If (command-line =~ /&$/) then irbsh uses background shell or GNU
* Intelligent completion.
  * buffer-name, shell-commands, file/directory-names,
* Zsh-like command-line stack.
* Zsh-like wildcard expansion.
* You can load any Ruby scripts.
* You can call irbsh from any buffers.
* You can handle Emacs-region and Emacs-buffer as File object.
* Keybind is like shell at terminal.
* You can ((<Erase Output>)) and prompt when you execute wrong
* ((<Multi-line buffer>)) enables you to write multi-line input.
* ((<Eval List>)) executes pre-registered expressions.
* ((<*ruby scratch* buffer>)) is a scratch buffer for Ruby.
* ((<Oneliner>)) enables you to execute a Ruby expression any time.
* You can ((<edit objects with YAML|Editing objects with YAML>)).
* You can eval any EmacsLisp expressions.
* ((<Easy Method Definition>))

It is available at

== What's new

: [2006/01/16] Ver 1.0.0
    * EmacsLisp sexp evaluation
    * Edit objects
    * English document
    * irbsh-toggle.el
    * many bugfixes
    * Easy Method Definition

: [2001/11/15] Ver 0.1
    Initial release

== Download
You can download irbsh from ((<RAA:irbsh>)).

== Install
(0) Install Ruby and inf-ruby.el.
(1) Install by setup.rb.
      $ ruby setup.rb config
      $ ruby setup.rb setup
      # ruby setup.rb install

(2) Append the following to .irbrc
      load "irbsh-lib.rb" if IRB.conf[:PROMPT_MODE] == :INF_RUBY

(3) Append the following to .emacs
      (load "irbsh")
      (load "irbsh-toggle")

      (when (locate-library "irbsh")
        (autoload 'irbsh "irbsh" "irbsh - IRB.extend ShellUtilities" t)
        (autoload 'irbsh-oneliner-with-completion "irbsh" "irbsh
oneliner" t))
      (when (locate-library "irbsh-toggle")
        (autoload 'irbsh-toggle "irbsh-toggle"
          "Toggles between the *irbsh*1 buffer and whatever buffer you
are editing."
        (autoload 'irbsh-toggle-cd "irbsh-toggle"
          "Pops up a irbsh-buffer and insert a "cd <file-dir>" command."

    If you see
      (file-error "Cannot open load file" "irbsh")
    error message, you append
      (add-to-list 'load-path "/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/")
dave (Guest)
on 2006-01-17 16:39
(Received via mailing list)
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