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Williak FISK (Guest)
on 2006-01-11 18:47
I want to write out a series of records to a text file so that I can
quickly edit them and then upload then again into the database.  To do
this I am using YAML and some code that looks like this:

item = Item.find 153 'item.yaml', 'w' ) do |out|
  YAML.dump( item, out )

This dumps out all the field names and values which are stored in the
attributes hash.  The output looks something like this:

  - !ruby/object:Item
      image_height: ''
      maximum_value: ''
      minimum_value: ''
      item_id: 153
      default_value: ''
      ... many more fields

However I don't want all these fields.  How can I limit the YAML output
to just include the fields that I want?

I know that I can override to_yaml_properties to specify the fields that
i want from a class.  But that really only lets me choose whether I want
to export @attributes or not.  I think that I could override
to_yaml_properties of @attributes.  Something like this

class Item
  class <<@attributes
    def to_yaml_properties
      # ....?

But I'm not too sure what I should write there?
Or maybe I should be overriding def removed_email_address@domain.invalid_yaml ?

Does anyone have any ideas?


      image_alignment: ''
      display_format: Vertical
      item_sub_text: ''

      page_number: 5
      email_address_yn: N
      survey_id: 153
      other_yn: N
      random_answer_order_yn: N
      database_dsn: ''
      image_width: ''
      item_text: "<span style=\"font-weight:bold\">When a good has
positive network externalities,
        this means that when using the product:</span>"
      order_number: 26
      item_alias: ''
      image_path: ''
      item_type_id: 3
      database_sql: ''
      other_text: "Other, please specify"
      required_yn: N

However there
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