Forum: Ruby problem with runing dbtalk on windows

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Mohsen A. (Guest)
on 2006-01-11 11:13
Hello I downloaded the dbtalk073  files from . I make the database and tables form
tpybase.sql script too ,I want to run the files in windows 2000
As the tutorial tells � At the moment there are no command line options.
Just run ruby dbtalk.rb and if you have all required packages installed
(see bellow) the program starts up.�

I run dbtalk.rb but it didnâ??t work ,it is my question ,where should I
put the files(dbtalk ,â?¦.) should I put it in any ruby subfolder
directories and how it will work in windows ,
Thank you very much for your attention
Sincerley yours Mohsena
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