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Tim Shadel (Guest)
on 2006-01-02 22:58
(Received via mailing list)
Hi.  I'm trying to use OpenSSL, but I keep getting
`OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError` whenever I call the `connect` method.  So I
tried running the OpenSSL tests.  I've attached the stdout and stderr
as `out.txt` and `err.txt`.  Here's some sample output, though:

    ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-mswin32]

        ./test\openssl\test_ssl.rb:242:in `connect'
        ./test\openssl\test_ssl.rb:242:in `test_post_connection_check'
        ./test\openssl\test_ssl.rb:73:in `start_server'
        ./test\openssl\test_ssl.rb:239:in `test_post_connection_check'

It seems like OpenSSL must be misconfigured on my box (WinXP home,
Ruby 1.8.4), but I'm really not sure where to look.  I've read the
docs, and searched everywhere I can think of, but there's no
indication on how to check the configuration.  All the builtin tests
give Errors.  Any clues?


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