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George M. (Guest)
on 2005-12-21 16:18
(Received via mailing list)
Dear devs,

New versions of Nitro and Og were just released!

install: gem install nitro
irc: #nitro
mailing list:

What's new:

Another step closer to web programming nirvana. This release
features completely recoded scaffolding, an auto admin system,
a recoded template-morphing system, a new intelligent dispatcher
that handles both nice urls and general structure, and so much
more. Moreover, this is the release with the most community
contributions. Download now!

Most notable changes:

* New, intelligent dispatcher handles nice urls automatically,
  without explicit rewrite rules. At the same time, it handles
  sub directories, so you are free to design your app's
  structure as you like.

* New template morphing implementation. The morphing compiler
  is fully customizable. You can implement your own morphers and
  add them to the morphing system, here for example is the
  new selected_if morpher:

  <option value="1" selected_if="@cond">opt1</option>

  <?r if @cond ?>
    <option value="1" selected="selected">opt1</option>
  <?r else ?>
    <option value="1">opt1</option>
  <?r end ?>

* New Sweeper mixin. Using this mixin allows you to keep
  the cleanup logic in one place. This logic is called
  automagically by many default Nitro/Og methods (for example
  Og insert/update, scaffolding, etc). You can fully customize
  the behaviour.

  class Article
    include Sweeper

    def sweep_affected(action = :all)

  a = Article[1]
  a.title = 'New' # => calls expire_affected.

  This mixin is typically used to automatically clean up output
  caching files from the filesystem, but you can use it to remove
  temp rows from the database, or temp objects from a drb server
  or anything you like.

* Searchable mixin. Include this mixin to your classes to make
  them searchable by the auto administration system.

* Added two new session managers (OgSession, FileSession),
  cleaned up the session code.

* Better validations implementation. Cleaner code, less evals,
  more flexible and easier to extend.

* New scaffolding / auto administration system. The implementation
  is much cleaner and easier to customize. It leverages the latest
  advancements (dispatcher, sweeper, etc) and adds search support,
  pager, breadcrumps and more. You can define your own controls
  to handle properties and relations. Stay tuned for more stuff
  in the near future.

* New Og revisable mixin. Just include this mixin in your classes
  and get db backed revision support for free. Here comes an

  class Article
   is Revisable
   property :body, String, :revisable => true
   property :title, String

  Automatically generates the Revision class (and the
  backend schema):

  class Article::Revision


  article.revise do |a|
    a.title = 'hello'
    a.body = 'world'


* Bug fixed KirbyBase Og adapter. This works great with the
  new 2.5 gem.

* Added more rational defaults, and many predefined options to
  minimize the amount of setup needed to get your app running. Of
  course you can still customize just about everything in Nitro.

* Improvements to PostgreSQL automatic generation of foreign key

* Added evolution support to the MySql store.

* Upgrated to Prototype 1.4 and Scriptaculous 1.5

* Updated the examples, check out the improved blog and why_wiki

* Many, many, many bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Nitro provides everything you need to develop professional Web
applications using Ruby and Javascript.

Nitro redefines Rapid Application Development by providing a
clean, yet efficient API, a layer of domain specific languages
implemented on top of Ruby and the most powerful and elegant
object relational mapping solution available everywhere.

have fun,
George M.
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