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Ruby Weekly News 12th - 18th December 2005

   Ruby Weekly News is a summary of the week's activity on the ruby-talk
   mailing list / the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup, brought to you by
   Tim S..

   [Contribute to the next newsletter.]

User Group News

     * Ruby group in Orlando Florida

       Steve L. wants to know if there are "any Ruby U. Groups in
       Florida, or anywhere in Orange or Seminole County Florida?"

     * Seattle.rb RubyGems Hackfest this weekend!

       Eric H. announced the second Seattle.rb RubyGems Hackfest, on
       Saturday 17th December.

     * Utah Ruby U. Group, December Meeting

       Jamis B. said the Utah Ruby U. Group's next meeting is on
       21st December 2005 at Neumont University.

       "We will be doing some pair/team programming exercises, so bring
       laptop if you have one."


  stable sort_by?

   Patrick G. wanted a "stable" sort_by method.

   (Jim W.: "A stable sort will leave items in the original order
   their keys are equal.")

   Robert K. gave a technique for doing a stable sort with Ruby's
   in Enumerable#sort_by method.

   Simply change
        enum.sort_by {|x| calculate_key(x) }
        enum.sort_by { |x| [ calculate_key(x), i+=1 ] }


   Daniel Schüle asked where to find Math::PI, saying "am I missing some
   module with math constants or are the users .. me in this case :)
   to define them on our own?"

   Ara T. Howard replied: Math::PI.

  Is there any chemistry-related ruby application?

   Hanjo K., working in the "cheminformatics" field, asked if Ruby has
   applications related to Chemistry.

   Bil K. thought that the SciRuby site might have something, and
   Masahiro said there is a "ChemRuby" library that is being funded and

  RRobots (#59)

   Simon Kroeger came up with this week's Ruby Q. (which turned into a
   two-week special):

   | RRobots, Inc. is always looking for new talented pilots. Recently
   | lost so many skilled employees in a show battle against one of
   | competitors that they decided to try something new.

   Write an AI for a robot that competes against others on a
battlefield. A
   competition between submitted AIs then takes place on 27th December
   (Make sure you submit your entry before then.)

  ruby-dev summary 27761-28026

   Koichi Sasada posted the latest summary of the Japanese list
   used to co-ordinate development of Ruby itself. (The equivalent
   list is ruby-core.)

   It includes a note of denial-of-service (DoS) vunerabilities in
   and Ruby's bundled XML-RPC library (found by Akira T.). "Problems
   fixed on ruby 1.8.3, so it is recommended for all to use ruby 1.8.3
   later. There are also patches for ruby 1.8.2."

   Ruby 1.8.4 preview2 was released.

   The summary also covered:

     * Complex<=> issues.
     * rb_funcall2 calling protected methods (for C extensions).
     * The addition of a Ruby/Tk example.
     * Improved super behaviour in a particular case.
     * A request for a GC method to cause the garbage collector to be
       "always". (For debugging.)
     * A suggestion for adding time literals like 19850412T101530.


   robertj asked if Ruby had a String#to_sym method for getting symbols

   Nobu: String#to_sym (added in Ruby 1.8 as an alias for #intern.)

  Purpose of Ruby T.

   Gary A. asked what is the "purpose" of the ruby-talk mailing list
   its bi-directional usenet mirror comp.lang.ruby) - i.e. which topics
is it
   acceptable to discuss?

   James B. said that questions specific to particular applications
   libraries are best sent to their specific mailing lists, where
   (In particular, Rails questions should go to the Rails list.)

   Otherwise, it's the right place for Ruby questions. (Daniel C.
   noted there is the ruby-core mailing list for development of the Ruby
   interpreter and standard libraries.)

   Chad P.: "As far as I can tell, there's no specific topic focus
   ruby-talk-just some "anti topics" that get summarily directed

   Several people said that ruby-talk is a very friendly place, and
   that we all help keep it that way :-)

New Releases

  Ruby SNMP 0.6.0

   Dave Halliday following "tons" of feedback on the previous version,
   released Ruby SNMP 0.6.0, with several enhancements and fixes.

  eric 3.8.1

   Bugs were fixed in Detlev Offenbach's Eric3, a Ruby and Python IDE.

  ruby queue : rq-2.3.1

   Ara.T.Howard released ruby queue 2.3.1, "a tool used to create
   linux clusters by managing sqlite databases as nfs mounted priority

  Rote 0.3.0 (doc/web)

   Ross B. released Rote 0.3.0, a Ruby templating / documentation

  Instant Rails 1.0 preview6

   Curt H. released Instant Rails 1.0 preview6.

   | Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby,
   | Rails, Apache, and MySQL, all preconfigured and ready to run. No
   | installer, you simply drop it into the directory of your choice and
   | it. It does not modify your system environment. This release of
   | Rails for Windows, but there are plans for ports to Linux, BSD, and

  Rant 0.5.4

   Stefan L. updated the Rant build tool. A bug was fixed,
   for Ruby 1.8.3 added, plus a new method sys.write_to_binfile.
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