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Jake J. (Guest)
on 2005-12-21 07:47
I have a helper which will be placing certain tags through a view.
These tags have "Element.toggle" sorts of relations, so I need to have
different id's assigned to their HTML elements.

What I would like to do is somehow count them as they are installed in
the view and reset at the top of the view.  My current thinking is:

--- In controller ---
before_filter :myhelper_resetcount

def someaction

--- In view ---
<%= myhelper_tag() %>
... Some stuff ...
<%= myhelper_tag() %>
... Some stuff ...
<%= myhelper_tag() %>

--- Results ---
<div id="helper_1"> .. </div>
... Some stuff ...
<div id="helper_2"> .. </div>
... Some stuff ...
<div id="helper_3"> .. </div>

Is there another way to do this?  Does this seem reasonable to use the
'before_filter' to reset the count?  It feels a little awkward to me.
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