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Hogan, Brian P. (Guest)
on 2005-12-21 02:55
(Received via mailing list)
Jason :

That's a great idea... I don't think I'd get it past the management
right now, but when I take over then it's all good :)

We're actually doing exactly what you suggest on a different project
here... What I'm trying to do right now is just this:


Apache :

Then use a reverse-proxy like ISAPI_REWRITE to send requests from  to

And hopefully, no-one is the wiser.

I do plan to document this on my site and will make the reference
available via the wiki once I've got it finalized. (I'm about half-done

Can someone who knows more about this let me know if this is going to
work for at least the short-term? I already know that IIS is not the
best web server to use and that's why I've given up trying to use Rails
*on* IIS.  The point is that if I can prove this works, I can probably
take this a step further and use Linux+Lighttpd.

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