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Rodney Clang (Guest)
on 2005-12-14 19:52
(Received via mailing list)
John, unfortunately true. I'm in the same boat. It's most unfortunate.

There are some request entries for this:

The text in the 3201 ticket might give you some ideas for now. I'm
replicating off of a legacy system, and looking to add ID PK support to
all tables just for rails. Daunting task, but desparate. I don't want
that to be a "deal breaker" for Rails in my environment.

Painful, no?


John wrote:


Is it true that Rails doesn't support composite primary keys? I have a
legacy system and was pondering adding a new interface to it. This whole
Rails thing (and yes, Ruby too) seems pretty interesting but I'd feel
ashamed of myself adding an additional column called 'id' when there's
already a perfectly good composite key.

Assuming the rumors are true, is there any work being done in this area?

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