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Chris R. (Guest)
on 2005-12-14 14:59
I have a route similar to

map.connect 'images/:action/:image', :controller => 'images',
:requirements => { :image => /^.*\.gif$/ }

The :image should always be a number appended with .gif (I realise the
regex doesn't reflect this currently).  I'd like to extract the numeric
part of the image filename to be used as :id.  I can do this easily
within the controller but wonder if it's even possible within the

To reduce the problem slightly, I'd basically like to be able to create
a route similar to..

map.connect 'images/:action/:image', :controller => 'images', :alt_image
=> :image

..where :alt_image gets the content of the :image part of the url.

I just did some digging into the routing and notice that map.connect
actually returns me a component.  I was wondering if I could amend this
object, although I don't think that would be great.

Are there any ways currently of achieving what I need or, indeed, any
obvious reasons why I shouldn't even be thinking about it?

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