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Seb B. (Guest)
on 2005-12-14 07:19
I am running Rails 0.14.3 on a RedHat Linux server (at Rackspace if it

I have a completely vanilla installation of Rails set up, with one
controller and an index method that does nothing and a template that
just outputs "Hello!".  Nothing fancy.

When I load up WEBrick, I can hit the controller URL and it works fine.
I see my template, all is well.

When I hit the controller URL via Apache (1.3.27), I get a "Status: 500
Internal Server Error".  Nothing at all appears in the
log/development.log file either.

Now this is running on a virtual host, and I have confirmed that all my
suexec permissions are correct (in fact if I put a small "Hello World"
Ruby CGI in the folder, with all the same ownership and permissions, it
runs fine - I am fairly confident this isn't the problem).

So I started tracing back through the Rails codebase from the
dispatch.cgi file, outputting some messages as I went, to figure out
where the script was actually failing.  I inspected the cgi object that
is returned in the 'dispatch' method in dispatcher.rb in the actual
rails gem, and it looks like this:

#CGI:0x409fb4b0 @multipart=false,
@output_hidden=nil, @output_cookies=nil, @params={}

The request object looks like this:

@session_options={:session_path=>"/", :prefix=>"ruby_sess.",
:database_manager=>CGI::Session::PStore}, @cgi=#<CGI:0x409fb4b0
@output_hidden=nil, @output_cookies=nil, @params={}

Now, where this actually falls apart is during the process that happens
a few lines lower, here:


I managed to figure out (I think) that the process command is being
executed on a returned object of type controller, in

Within there I followed it to the "assign_shortcuts" method (which takes
the request and response objects as parameters) and it fails on the line

@response.session = request.session

If I put in output before that line, it works fine, if I put output
after that line, it doesn't show up, so this seems to be where the
exception is being thrown?

I continued to dig into the session stuff a bit but that's when I got
totally lost.  My controller isn't even starting up a session, unless
this happens automatically?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I feel I'm so close to getting
this going, but I'm still new-ish to Ruby and to Rails as well..

Thanks alot,
Mark Reginald J. (Guest)
on 2005-12-14 07:58
(Received via mailing list)
Seb Barre wrote:

> totally lost.  My controller isn't even starting up a session, unless
> this happens automatically?

Try deleting old sessions. On Unix, /tmp/ruby_sess*

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