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Stefan L. (Guest)
on 2005-12-12 21:16
(Received via mailing list)
Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,
similar to Rake.

== What's new in this release?

* Gems created with Ruby 1.8.3 won't work with other
  Ruby versions (because of a YAML bug). This no longer
  affects gems created with Rant's RubyPackage task.

* Rework of Rant's FileList class. You can use it as "normal"
  Ruby library now. Below is an example.

For more details read

== Installing Rant

You can install Rant as a RubyGem:

    % gem install --remote rant

or download the package from
and install with install.rb:

    % ruby install.rb

== Rant::FileList example

You can use Rant's FileList class as library in your Ruby app/library.
Example usage:

    # The next two statements are required if Rant was
    # installed as a RubyGem.
    #require "rubygems"
    #require_gem "rant"

    require "rant/filelist"

    # Iterate over all files in the current directory and its
    # subdirectories, skipping backup files (filenames ending
    # in ~ or .bak).
    Rant::FileList.glob_all "**/*" do |fl|
        fl.exclude "*~", "*.bak"
        fl.files.each { |filename|
            # do something with the file "filename"

== Resources

Rubyforge page::
Mailing list::
Rake/Rant comparison::

Naming suggestions, feature requests for further Rant development,
etc. are welcome!
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